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What do they do?

Had a hard discussion today on what to expect from a compiler’s optimization behaviour. And actually it’s all but easy to find clear information on what the compiler will do in which case. What “optimization hint” will be counterproductive, which not. On the desirable way of compilers to a level where they are able to interprete programs good enough to compile them into the optimal machine code, on that way are stumble stones spread out, so countless…

That reminds me on what lets me fear some possible future: too many people believe in technology results. For instance the feeling, that a pocket calculator had a better understanding of sum with fractions than it’s users. No. You’re wrong, all this is just some algorithm, no understanding. It’s no intelligence. At least not yet. And so, I want to call out to all of you, please, safe our future by keep thinking yourself.

2. März 2015, 20:41